Patio Gardening

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m blogging about my gardening experience, so I thought, why not?

It started as just whim. I thought I’d get a few seeds and just see if I could get anything to grow. But before the 1st seeds arrived in the mail, I was reading about porch and patio gardens and I was hooked! I was saving toilet paper rolls; testing the best way to cut them to make boxes.  I was pricing containers and tracking the sun on my porch. You could say I caught the gardening bug before my hands got dirty.

When the seeds arrived, I was ready.  I planted, watered and then sat and watched the dirt.  Oh yes, I actually say in front of my window like something was going to happen immediately. After all, I’d already been waiting for weeks.

Each morning I’d get up and water them, smile and cheerfully check to see if any dirt had moved. Surprisingly, it only took a week and green poked through.  My first garden baby! By afternoon I had 3!

This called for celebration, I went out and bought more seeds! Still waiting for the broccoli and bell peppers, I added Romaine Lettuce, Cantaloupe, and Green Beans to my garden.  A few days later, while picking up supplies, I got strawberries and a cucumber plant.  Then, I added a blueberry bush and potatoes.

Oh no! I live in an apartment,  my porch is not large what am I to do? Panic set in. I had gone crazy with the buying. I needed a plan.

Believe it or not, it all fits.  The lettuce needs sun but not heat, so I’m keeping it in my window sill.  Plenty of sunlight but I control the temp.  If I have guest over, I can close the curtains and the lettuce is hidden.

My Bell peppers are going in a different window.  It gets sun sooner, and I can let the peppers climb the window like a trellis by using special tape that let’s the vines grow but holds them.

The rest fits on my porch. I’ll post pictures soon. Many have already seen pictures I’ve been paying on Facebook.  I’m going to attempt to start posting here instead.

This is all new for me.  Gardening and blogging. So I hope you join me on the adventure!

Until next time, keep playing in the dirt!


About lindsaygagirl

I am new to gardening and want to share my experience.

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