April 18, 2014 Dolomite

When I went to the leasing office I was surprised, I had a FedEx delivery. When I saw the package, I thought it was either my Broccoli or Bell Peppers. Nope; yet another surprise, it was the Dolomite for the garden.

I had already poured the dirt, so I put the layer of dolomite and then another layer of dirt, then the plastic to attract heat. I cut holes for each plant and began planting each Banana Pepper plant. I had enough room for  the Cucumber, Strawberry and Peppermint plants in the back. Tomorrow, when there is sun, I’ll add a picture to my media folder. It’s on wheels, so I can move it wherever the sun is. As the plants grow, I can also add stakes.

I’m researching what the best way to do the stakes. For my cantaloupe, I have a baby gate turned into a trellis and I am going to add “slings” to hold the weight of the fruit (recycled item). For the Green Beans, I have wooden stakes, in both cases, I have Velcro ties so the vines can grow up but be held  to the stake or trellis. My question is for the peppers, there are so many, what am I going to use? This isn’t something I have to decide right away. Right now the plants are not more than an inch high. Also, my research has taught me not to allow them to bloom before July 4th to avoid bitter peppers (although I think I got a late enough start that this won’t be an issue this year).

My other plants should arrive May 1st. Everything else is doing well. I have been going on line and seeing what they should look like, they look healthy for their age.

Oh, I did get a new strawberry today. It’s small and green, but it is on the plant that had no fruit, so it was a great sign. Both plants are fruitful now!

Take care, and keep playing in the dirt!


About lindsaygagirl

I am new to gardening and want to share my experience.

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