Where we are

I’ve eaten two strawberries from one plant and the other plant is starting to produce berries but none have ripened yet.  They are juicy and sweet but small.  Still, I’ll take small any day dl for this sweetness.  Last night I put up a net for the cucumber Bush. It’s big and long but I figure I’d rather it be too big and handle the weight of the fruit than too small and fall.
Once my peppers grow I’ll put up the other net.  I have too many but I know some aren’t going to survive. I just don’t know which ones are going to make it so I’m waiting.  If I’m wrong and they all make it, I have 2 planters I can transplant into.
The Green Beans are growing so I staked them.  Nothing is producing yet they are just growing tall. I checked each one.  They look sturdy. 
The cantaloupe is just green and leafy. And the blueberry bush has places to bloom but nothing has happened.  I’m just watering everything well. 
My lettuce still looks like it did a week ago.  I really don’t see how it will turn into romaine lettuce. 
I try and talk pleasantly to and around all the pants.  But today I stayed quite.  It was one of those days.  Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out and we’ll all feel better.
Keep playing in the dirt


About lindsaygagirl

I am new to gardening and want to share my experience.

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