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Green Beans in the Garden

The beans are in! They are sprouting and growing.  I was all smiles when I saw blooms but actual beans means I did something right!
One thing I remember as a child is snapping beans with my grandmother.  For some reason I loved it! So the more beans I see, the happier I get.
I envision myself sitting here after work with two bowls.  One with beans from the vine and one that I have snapped and are ready for cooking. Fresh veggies. Nothing better!

Peppers in Texas

I am very excited today.  The pepper seeds I planted are growing.  But I must confess, I am not a patient “farmer” so I went to Home Depot on April 29th and bought to plants and put them in my window.  They were about a for high and green; no blooms. 
Yesterday when I went to water them I had a pepper! I was so excited but I was unsure what to do.  All the websites say no peppers before July 4th or they’ll taste bad.  Have you ever heard of someone going out and clipping all their peppers in their garden or cutting the blooms before they become fruit?
So I got to thinking, maybe if you live in cooler environments they won’t bloom.  And the advice was for indoor growers for this regions? I contacted someone in my town who has an outdoor garden WITH peppers and she said hers were fine.  So they stay! My little seedlings will do two things, one assure next year I still have peppers and two produce late in the season because they’ll just be starting to bloom. 
Check out my first pepper in media where I store all my photos.


Sounds and silence and headspace

I can’t stand true silence. I need sound to stop the chatter

Research Degree Voodoo

A final reflection on music for writing (see the first and second parts here).

In this reflection (which first existed as a part of my current Masters study), I look at what we are really doing when we use quiet or music for making a headspace. Is it creating silence? Is that silence for reflection? Is it tuning out the noise? Is it turning off the chatter in our heads? Is it providing a prompt for to get up and dance?


So when is silence to do with the absence of noise, and when is it the absence of noise we don’t want? 

People who go on silent retreats a lot (and you can imagine I know a lot of them) say it takes at least a day, and sometimes 3, of being in silence before the ‘inner chatter’ calms down, before there is true silence.

Some people find…

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An Open Letter to My Boobs

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Dear Bionic Boobs,

I know you’ve been adjusting to your new digs since the reconstruction surgery seven months ago. I’ve protected you from wild elbows, supported you with a bra, and exercised you by smooshing you girls together. (Doctor’s orders.) You seem happy enough and pretty perky.

I do have some concerns.

One night, I looked down and you had wandered off to the sides of my chest. You left four inches between you two. I almost had a heart attack. I thought I’d torn something while vacuuming.  As you know, I’ve started wearing a sport’s bra to bed to corral you at night, so I don’t wake up and freak out.  I wish you girls would stick together.

Although you’re shaped like hamburger buns and aren’t huge by any means, you weigh more than my old boobs. In fact, you’re a little on the hefty side. The doctor suggested some…

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Update on the patio garden

I lost half my lettuce! It was over watering.  I replanted with Cesar lettuce. I put notes on the container to remind me when to water, when to thin, etc.  It will be 7-8 days before it will break soil.
I also picked up a larger strawberry Bush and oh my the strawberries! Large and juicy! Check out media, I’ll try and upload tonight. 
The potatoes came up, so I know they ate growing.  Makes me exited.
The rest just needs strength to hold fruit. 
I’m watering and watching.
Keep reading and playing in the dirt!