Why I became a Female Entrepreneur 

 Do you want to make money at home, but don’t know which Home Based Businesses are the real deal and which are nothing more than a “get rich quick” scheme? I’d love to tell you I never fell for the latter but I honestly can’t. I tried to make a go of a scrapbook business and card making business and other pyramid schemes. They all failed before I got started. I had no support from above. As soon as I paid my dues to get in, I was on my own. The only time I heard from anyone was when there was money they wanted to collect from me. But still I had a dream of one day successfully working for myself. Let me tell you my story of how I found my current path. 

I started gaining weight in my 20s and struggled with my image. It was discovered I have Hashimoto’s which was causing the weight gain, depression, and anxiety I was experiencing! I made strides in losing weight here and there but I’d gain it back. My anxiety and depression stayed out of control. I’ve been very blessed to get my weight under control but my self image was shot. I thought I was ugly and couldn’t see the accomplishments I’d made when I looked in the mirror. 

A little over a year ago I started watching my cousin, Carla, do makeup videos online. I watched, commented, even thought how brave she was, but no way I could do something like that myself! 

A couple of months ago, my Hashimoto’s again was not being managed, so I was breaking out all over. Worse than when I was a teen! I reached out to Carla and asked her about the makeup she was demoing. Money was tight so I decided to go all in. If I love it, I can sell it and help my finances, if I only like it, I get a bunch of makeup. Plus she told me there was a love it guarantee, so I had the ability to return it if I didn’t like it for any reason. Win win, right?

I got more than I expected! When Carla introduced me to this opportunity, she introduced me to a group of women who support me, lift me up, and help me rebuild my confidence! Here I was looking for a makeup that would cover my acne and not irritate my skin, but I got friends, more like sisters, who help me see myself through their eyes. I no longer have to wear a “mask” of a smile when I go out in public or to work. I can put down my mask and let people in because I’m not afraid of them seeing me. I got the ability to love myself again! Oh and my finacial problem I was having? Well, in my first 60 days I was able to pay for my Presenters kit, all my business supplies and put money back in my pocket (during a hurricane). Ladies, if I can do that while evacuated from my home, how much more can you do?

I want to help others who are like me find their confidence and beauty. I want other women, who feel like I felt after I gained weight and even after I lost it, to know they are beautiful. That beauty comes from within but we must see it in ourselves before we can portray it to others. For me, that meant covering scares and acne from a disease that took my outer beauty away. The right makeup and makeup products gave that back to me. And while they lifted me up, my contributions supported other women who needed even more. My contribution and those of my customers goes to help battered/abused women get help, have a shelter to get back in their feet. Also when we have conference each year, they go on a retreat to be pampered because we are being pampered. Thats the kind of company I am proud to be apart of. 

As for me and my success, if my videos or posts help even one person, I’ve reached my ultimate goal. 


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